It’s time to

Protect Ontario School Children

All students deserve safe and inclusive classrooms.

We are a grassroots, 100% volunteer-led organization fighting for safe, in-person education in court in the province of Ontario.

We are parents, educators, front-line workers, lawyers, and doctors who have been brought together by a commitment to safe and inclusive schools. We will not rest until our leaders recognize that collective, not individual, actions are necessary to protect our schools.

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  • Your Stories

    S’s Story

    We were denied medical accommodations. Not only were we denied the accommodations, the vice-principal also threatened to expel her if she missed 15 consecutive days of school.

    S., Parent of a 14 year-old transplant recipient

    I’m writing to share the story of my 14-year-old daughter’s experience. My daughter is a transplant recipient. The medication she must take as a result makes her immunocompromised. When the mask mandate was dropped, we worried. Masks were the only remaining protection in her classroom. We know that she would still mask, but we also…

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