It doesn’t have to be this way

The is no silver bullet to stop COVID. But there are are known, available, affordable mitigations that, when combined in a multi-layered approach, can dramatically improve safety.

Scientific evidence and comprehensive data analysis should be behind every public health decision across the province — not political expediency or popularity.

Strategies for tomorrow and beyond

Applying the evidence-based lessons from COVID is the only way to restore public health to prepare for the next pandemic. Experts have proposed many solutions. We need leaders to implement them.

  • Establishing an independent science advisory table that is government-funded but not government-run to support a true arms-length public health organization
  • Classify the position of Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) as a medical position, not a political position.
  • CMOH should be beholden to the science advisory table to make public health decisions that are backed by science and in the best interest of all Ontarians.
  • Prioritize resources towards vaccination research, including sterilizing vaccines and nasal/mucosal vaccines similar to the previous ‘Project Warp Speed’
  • Revise existing protocols to expedite the distribution of new vaccines to a broader group of people, including children
  • Re-evaluate and re-consider speed of approval of vaccinations and any potential anti-viral therapy for all age groups reflective of the ever-changing nature of the Covid-19 virus

Safer schools are possible.