GoFundMe Update #2

Dear friends,

As important donors to Ontario School Safety, I wanted to share what we have been up to behind the scenes since our last update.

I also wanted to acknowledge how difficult these last few weeks have been for this community. We see you, and we are not slowing down.

We know you are also paying attention to this growing movement across the country to fight for safe and inclusive schools. The good news is we are not alone, and we are learning lessons from other efforts to be able to pour everything we have into bringing this legal challenge to life.

What this looks like specifically is:

1) Growing our legal team, who have generously been advising us pro-bono for this first phase.

2) Incorporating as a formal entity to bring legitimacy to our challenge.

3) Engaging families who have experienced hardship or inequity due to a lack of protections in Ontario schools. Our aim is to include multiple plaintiffs as part of the case.

4) Sharing resources and conducting interviews to continue to raise awareness on the importance of protections, and exert pressure on decision makers to make evidence-based decisions.

To date, we have accomplished these things without spending any of your donations. As we enter the next phase of our court challenge, we are committed to continuing to be responsible stewards of your gifts and making every dollar count.

We appreciate your trust and support and are heartened that this community has mobilized to help all students exercise their right to safely attend Ontario’s schools.

With gratitude,
Heather, Kat + the Ontario School Safety Team

P.S. If your family or a family you know would like to confidentially explore what would go into being involved in our case as a plaintiff please reach out to us via our website at www.OntarioSchoolSafety.com