GoFundMe Update #1

Wow – what a phenomenal start to the fundraiser! A huge thank you to each and every one of you who have contributed, shared and sent your messages a support!

A few updates for everyone:

1. We are a team of (currently) 14 volunteers. Myself (Kathryn), Dr. H. Hanwell and Kathleen L are the 3 members who have consented to having our names out there for the public. Our remaining volunteers wish to remain anonymous due to the very real safety concerns that can arise from publicly supporting Covid safety/public health policies.

A few folks have asked, “Who is Kathryn H?” and there’s not much to know about me other than I’m the team member who has had experience with the GoFundMe platform before, so I was tasked with creating it (since you have to have a person’s name associated with these things). This really is a group effort!

2. We know that some folks want more information about US, as individuals. Dr. Hanwell has begun doing in-person interviews and the ‘face’ of the team will slowly emerge, but as we mentioned in #1, there are safety issues associated with promoting messages like these. One of the reasons we’re using the GoFundMe platform is because it vets the legitimacy of fundraisers AND has protections built-in for donors which is our way of making sure YOU’RE protected while the identities of the majority of our team are also protected.

3. We have been working very hard on our website to include relevant updates and information. It’s all coming together nicely at www.OntarioSchoolSafety.com and we will continue to focus efforts on adding new materials over the coming days and weeks.

4. Currently, we are vetting several lawyers and discussing options regarding the approach to the legal case. It’s crucial for us to use donations as efficiently and effectively as possible, and choosing the best firm as well as the most reasonable approach to achieve our goals is crucial.

5. Once our lawyer(s) advise us on what additional specifics can be shared publicly, we will absolutely update everyone! Until then, we must not risk sharing information that may jeopardize our efforts.

6. Volunteers – Whether you want to help promote our message online or be a part of the team, we are happily welcoming new volunteers to the team. As you can imagine this is an exceptional undertaking and many hands make light work. More information here: https://ontarioschoolsafety.com/take-action/


#7. As we are close to making our final decision regarding which law firm we will be working with, it’s important that our fundraiser continues to make movement! We will need funds to be raised before proceeding to the courts.

Thank you everyone, for your continued support!