Amplifier Network Application

Help Us Get the Message Out

Ontario School Safety is a grassroots organization working to raise funds for a legal challenge so that schools will re-introduce the protective measures necessary to minimize Covid-19 infections in the classroom.  All children deserve safe access to public education in an in-person environment.

The legal challenge requires fundraising to take place which is our primary focus at the moment.  As a part of our efforts, we’re building our network of like-minded, passionate advocates who are willing to amplify our message across social media to ensure that we can achieve our fundraising goal as quickly as possible.

To be a part of the amplifier team, please fill out the brief form below and you’ll receive a short guide that explains the whole process.  

Once you receive the guide, you will be added to a Twitter chat/WhatsApp Chat where you’ll be notified of which content requires amplification on a daily basis. It only takes a few minutes a day.

For Twitter Amplifiers: If you haven’t yet followed @ONSchoolSafety please do so – in order to add you to the chat we must be able to DM you.  Please ensure that your DM notifications are ON.

You can join more than 1 amplifier network if you want; although it’s best to do that if you have vastly different audiences on each platform so that you aren’t reaching the same group twice in a day.